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The Seven Principles

Ashanti Kafi

Dec 29, 2022

How we can Live Them

Last year in 2022, The City of Detroit erected the largest Kinara (candle holder) in the US (fact check me) in celebration of Kwanzaa, right in the middle of its city center. In a city that is predominately Black, but quickly becoming integrated, we must pay homage to our African roots. Kwanzaa is a bold and beautiful representation Of African People For African People By African People. I pose the question, Is this symbol of Unity and Faith only to be practiced and talked about during the Kwanzaa celebration week? Or as a city of self determined citizens, do we owe it more than just talk?

Detroit has had Black citizens since our great city was baptized with its name by the French. On July 24, 1701 A French explorer, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac gave Detroit it name. "Black Slaves in Detroit were first mention in 1736, six years after Cadillac's death." Herb Boyd - Black Detroit. Detroiters have ALWAYS expressed our natural culture. From the establishment of Second Baptist Church in 1836, to the creation of the Shrines of the Black Madonna in 1976, to the formation of Black Detroiters Rebuild in 2001. So this proclamation on December 26, of Kwanzaa and its seven principles is no surprise.

But how do we live them today? How do we practice, Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Corporative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith?

Here are a few ways you can keep the party going!

Unity-Adopt/mentor a child, find a mentor.

Self Determination-Learn then express your African Heritage. In your dress and actions.

Collect Works- Join an organization that supports black people, openly support the development of black neighborhoods.

Corporative Economics- Buy Black, financially support black organizations.

Purpose- Spend some time in community. Discover who you are.

Creativity- Use your gifts/skills to help a cause. Join your neighborhood association.

Faith-Build trust with in your families.

Ashanti Kafi

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